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And the Blast Begins!
Book BadgerSign up for the 2014 Summer Badge Blast!Earn & Brag Here
Art & Entertainment

Do you like to draw, paint, cook, watch movies or listen to music?  Do you have a hobby or want to start one?  Get going and earn one of these fun badges!

ArtsyUse your hands and create something grand!Earn & Brag Here
Book to MovieBooks made into Movies!Earn & Brag Here
FoodieLearn to make something delicious!Earn & Brag Here
HobbyWhat hobbies do you have?Earn & Brag Here
MusicShare your love of music!Earn & Brag Here
Just For Fun!

Dream up your own badge, pretend to be a princess or a pirate to claim these badges!

Bonus!Dream up your own idea for a badge!Earn & Brag Here
PirateArgh Matey!Earn & Brag Here
PrincessBecome a Princess!Earn & Brag Here
Let's Go to the Library!

Visit any of our seven branches to get started on these badges!

Branch ExplorerHit the road and visit more than one library branch!Earn & Brag Here
Program AttenderAttend as many library programs as you can!Earn & Brag Here
Reading NinjaRead books or eBooks checked out from the Library!Earn & Brag Here

Learn how to access fun and interesting ways to do research on the computer or in the library and claim a badge!

Catalog MasterLearn how to use the online library catalog!Earn & Brag Here
Database GuruExplore library databases created with you in mind!Earn & Brag Here
Do the DeweyLearn to use the Dewey Decimal System!Earn & Brag Here
World Around Us

Get out in this beautiful world we live in and claim a badge!

Fur FriendsHave fun with fantastic animals!Earn & Brag Here
NatureExplore this big beautiful world we all live in!Earn & Brag Here
Science Explore the world through science!Earn & Brag Here
SportsDo you enjoy playing or learning about sports?Earn & Brag Here
Writing & Storytelling

Write, read or take pictures to claim these badges!

MysteryBecome a gumshoe!Earn & Brag Here
Photo JournalingCapture the summer!Earn & Brag Here
WritersGrab a pencil & paper and get creative!Earn & Brag Here

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