Morrice ~ Beginners Dungeons & Dragons Masters

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Programs for Teens

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Allowed Ages: 12 to 18

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Beginners Dungeon Mastering six week course for Teens. January 25th will be an introduction class.

Feb 1st- Week One-What does a Dungeon Master Do?Learn what a Dungeon Master does

Week Two- Campaign GeographyLearn about building your world including mapping, travel and non-player characters.

Week Three- AdventuringLearn about villains, plots and encounter building.

Week Four- DungeonsLearn more about building a dungeon, traps and magical items.

Week Five- Know Your Players- Learn about making your campaign fun and the rules as written

Week Six- Homebrew Week- Learn about making new and exciting items and monsters for your players


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Due to seating limitations pre-registration is required. Thank You!