New Lothrop ~ Halloween Escape Room

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Kids , Teens

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Roald Dahl's witches have escaped from their book and locked you in the library! They can’t wait to turn
you and your friends into rats! Fortunately for you, the witches need to make more of their potion first.
Can you follow the clues and manage to escape before the witches return?

This escape room is targeted towards those aged 8-13, but everyone is welcome to participate!

1. No clues will be hidden amongst the collections on shelves. You won’t need to move any
collection items (books, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.).
2. No clues will be hidden inside the clock.
3. All clues will be hidden in the main part of the library. Nothing behind the counter, in
backrooms, or the bathroom.
4. All clues are linear, meaning each one will guide you to the next.
5. Read clues aloud for all to hear.
6. Give everyone a chance.
7. Have fun!